LA Choir

Sing with LA Choir

Licorice Allsorts Huon Valley Community Choir.

Bringing our community together with friendship, music and verse, we welcome all who love to sing.

LA Choir is a not for profit community choir who perform at aged care facilities and community events.

Please feel free to chat with us about joining the choir or for concert bookings.

The choir meets at Huonville Primary School (Wilmot St. Huonville), in the music room (through the hall).
There is plenty of parking.

6.30pm to 8pm Tuesdays.

There are no auditions. Age is not a barrier and we have several members in the 70/80 age group. Family participation is encouraged. Children from the age of 8 to 14 years are truly most welcome to become singing choir members, but we ask that they be accompanied by an adult.

Concert Performances

LA Choir’s main audience are the residents of nursing homes. If you love singing and sharing the joy, this a great opportunity to brighten up the lives of elderly people who do not have the mobility or health, that we take for granted.

Concerts are also that special time in which the choir get to harmonise and have fun. It’s the reward we receive after the challenge of learning new songs at choir practice.

Choir members are encouraged to perform their own entertaining pieces at concerts. This is specially beneficial for our younger members, building confidence and character. Our audiences just love the kids. Performance pieces are not limited to singing. Instrumental, stories and poetry often feature as part of a LA Choir concert.

Christmas concerts also extend to other community events such as the Festival of Carols at the Huonville Town Hall and Carols by candle light.

Most choir performances are scheduled for for sunday afternoons. Quite a few of our senior and retired members also perform throughout the week at various nursing home venues.

Currently, LA Choir performs at around eight concerts annually.

Regular choir practice

Commences from 8 February 2017 6.30pm to 8pm.
Weekly on Tuesdays (School Terms)

Choir does not meet for practice during school holidays

Tasmania 2018 School Term Dates

Term 1
School Term   7/02/2018 – 13/04/2018

Term 2

School Term   30/4/2018 – 6/07/2018

Term 3
School Term   23/07/2018 – 28/09/2018

Term 4
School Term  15/10/2018 – 20/12/2018

Winter Choir Practice : Every second Tuesday through June, July and August. Check web site for details.

Music Books

Thanks to Kaye and choir fees, folders are supplied on loan to each choir member. These have the relevant sheet music and lyrics inserted into plastic pages.  After the mid year concerts, these folders are returned. The sheets are replaced with songs to be performed at the end of year concerts.

This keeps things tidy for you, gives you less to carry and ensures that music books don’t go astray, keeping choir and membership costs low.

Choir members are responsible for the safe keeping of  their music folder.

You may be required to rearrange the order of the music sheets as concert time draws nearer. We generally finalise the performance order about one week prior to concerts.

The music folders are to be returned at the end of the choir year.

The Uniform

Our uniform is simple and inexpensive. Black everything and a choir scarf. You supply the black clothes. We provide the colourful, locally produced, hand made scarf to you for $7. This is yours to keep, but if you cease your choir membership, we would appreciate the donation of your scarf to the choir, as the material is difficult to obtain.

The Crew

Musical Director: Louella Jury. (Since 2004)
Louella has been the Choir’s Musical Director since the Choir started and regularly involves herself with church and youth choirs. She is an accomplished pianist and plays several other instruments.

Second Conductor: Casey Price.

Pianist: Claire Bond
Our pianist Claire, is a well known Huon Valley identity who has also been with the Choir since its establishment in 2004. Claire has devoted many years to entertaining the elderly, playing at fund raisers, charity concerts, churches and playing for the Huon Valley Theatre Company.

Committee and appreciated Helpers 2016

Paul Redding (President 2012 – 2018)
T: 0419 495926

Alison Campbell (Vice President)
T: 0419 495926


Louise Burdick: Concert Organiser
T: 03 6266 3844

Rhonda Bartley: Website updates
T 0437 223 691

Lisa Lalley: Practice night gate keeper.

Kaye Reeve  (Music Librarian)

We appreciate the generous support of….